Why do we believe God can’t love us in our sin?


Maybe it’s something as simple as we don’t really know God’s love, never experienced it. Or maybe it’s more complex, like maybe we think we are unlovable, we have gone too far. This morning, I think of how much God loves each of us. He travelled across the sea, in a storm, to get to a man that society had casted out. To show this man with demons (y’all, DEMONS…..MANY DEMONS), to show him how much love He had for him. Demons. God isn’t scared of your demons. We don’t know what happened to this man, but I do know he couldn’t have lived a perfect life. He would have struggled with sin, the world, and what was right and what was wrong, obedience and honor. And yet, God showed up in his worst, to love him to his best. Then there is the adulterous woman…many times us women like to be like hey where was the man, but to understand why the man wasn’t there, we have to understand the law…the law, which was not fair to anyone and no one could live up to…though in our society today we deem him guilty, in those days, he wasn’t. And y’all, the law still isn’t fair. There are still those who are guilty by law, when others are free. So that’s not changed much. But this isn’t an examination of the law, this is about love. See, that woman, who was guilty by law and had every right to be stoned to death, look who showed up for her. Jesus! Jesus came, in her sin and extended love to her. He wasn’t afraid to confront those who wished to stone her, and He wasn’t afraid to show love to her, even though she probably felt like she didn’t deserve it. He showed her she was loved in probably one of her worst experiences. He had one statement, He told her to go and sin no more. None of us know what happened to her after that, but I bet her life was changed. I won’t say she didn’t commit adultery anymore, or that she got on the straight and narrow from the time she stood up, but what I will say is she was shown love. She was shown love when she was caught and found guilty in sin. He loves us in our sin. We have to take down the walls we are building. We must realize that God loves us, even when we are in sin. He carried our sins to a cross, where He was hung, pierced, and murdered. He isn’t scared of our sins. They can’t kill Him again. He overcome every sin there was when He rose 3 days later. He defeated every sin. He isn’t scared to walk with you through adultery, He defeated it. He isn’t scared to walk with you through drug addictions, He defeated it. He isn’t scared to walk with you through abuse, He defeated it. He isn’t scared to walk with you through hate, jealousy, pain, sorrow, grief, loneliness, disobedience, murder, molestation, gluttony, laziness, lust, or any other darkness – HE DEFEATED THEM ALL!!! No sin is too great. No place is too far. His love extends through it all. He has compassion on us. He has love for us. He created each of us with purpose, with a destiny in mind. None of us are lost causes. If you find yourself in the middle of sin, look around you….He is there. Don’t convince yourself that you are unlovable, don’t get caught in a rut of self-condemnation, don’t mistake the world’s condemnation for God’s conviction. Don’t put up a wall to keep God out, you don’t have to hide from Him or come to Him in embarrassment – He already knows what you are doing, what you have done, where you have been, and who you have been with….you aren’t hidden. He sees you, in the darkest of the dark, He sees you. It’s not in some creepy stalker way either, because while the world sees your sin and hates you for it, He sees your purpose, your destiny, and loves you for it. No matter where you are right now, no matter the sin, the shame, the guilt, the regret…turn your heart to Him and allow His love to flow through you. He loves you and isn’t expecting perfection from you. He knows what you go through, He knows the condition of the world, He doesn’t expect you to be Him, He wants you to rely on Him.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, He is inviting you to come to know Him now. He wants to show you love that you never could dream of. Allow Him to guide you in prayer:“Lord, I know I am a sinner. I know I have fallen short of the mark, I am not perfect. Lord, right now, I confess to you my sin (say your sin, name it or describe it if you don’t know the name of it). I believe God, I believe that you sent your Son, Jesus Christ, to the world. I believe He came to overcome the world, to overcome sin and darkness. Lord, I believe He was crucified for my sin. I believe through His blood, I am ransomed, and saved. Christ is my Savior. Lord, I know you love me. I know you desire a closer walk with you. Lord, I invite you to take up residency in my heart, come be the change in me. I can’t do it on my own, I need you Lord.  Help me to walk according to your ways. Free me of my shame, my sin, my guilt, and my self-condemnation. Lord, I believe. I believe that you have come into me, I believe you are creating a new creature, the old me has passed away. Lord, I don’t know how to do this, I won’t deny my immaturity or my ignorance, but Lord, I know you have walked this walk, and you know The Way. I will follow you. I thank you Lord, for creating me according to your will and your purpose. I praise you for the person I am, and the person you are transforming me into. You, Lord, are Holy and worthy to be praised. In the mighty, cleansing, saving name of Jesus I pray, Amen! 

If you just prayed this prayer and received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I welcome you on behalf of the Kingdom of God. It is an exciting journey. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into study of Him, the Word, the Truth, the Life, the Way, so that you may come to know God on a deeper level. He loves you. 


If you didn’t pray this prayer, and you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, please know I am praying for you. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I may not know the answer right away, but I will journey with you to find an answer. 

And for those of you who are already believers reading this, don’t stop allowing God to change you and shape you and transform you. Don’t ever think you aren’t in need in saving, we all need saving, most of us daily. Though our salvation is guaranteed by our belief in Christ, we still need our Savior. We have a prize, the completion of our salvation, that awaits us. Allow Him to keep changing you, transforming you, molding you into His beautiful masterpiece, and don’t think for a second, He doesn’t love you. 


God loves you all. No matter where we are on this journey, He loves us all. 


Lord, please change us all into your image. Teach us to love like you, move us to go to those in need, to the unlovables, to the hurting, to the murderers, the adulterers, the convicts, the white, the black, the brown, the eager to please and the eager to disappoint, to the enemies, to the mean girls, to the bullies, to the brown-nosers, Lord God, move us to the needy, the deprived, the shallow, the broken….move us to them and God, let us show them love. Let them see the love of Jesus that we have experienced. Lord, teach us to be the light to the world, loving one another, without shame, without fail, without expectations and stipulations. God, teach us to love like you. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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