Abundant Life

Christian Life, Forgiveness, Hope, Truth

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]. John 10:10 Amplified Bible (AMP)

Jesus came to give you life, but not just any life, not the 9:00 to 5:00, daily mundane life; He came to give you life in abundance. Overflowing life. Full life. Complete life. He came so you can enjoy life. So why are we not enjoying it?

My heart aches for sick people and lost people. Why? Because of John 10:10. Jesus came and died on the cross, so that we all could be forgiven, extended grace, made pure and righteous in the eyes of the Lord, to be loved beyond comprehension, and to have life. He came for that reason alone. He came to fulfill the law, where you and I could not meet it or measure up to it, let alone fulfill it. He came to give us life. Whole life. Full life. Abundant life.

I ask myself time to time, why do we allow ourselves, or well why do I allow myself, to get stuck in the ruts of life? Why do we allow ourselves to be sick and to be feeble? Why do we give up so easily? Why are we not reaching out and grabbing hold of this one solid truth: Abundant life is what we are promised. It’s not something we earn. Salvation is a free gift from the Lord, available to every person (whether male or female, black or white or brown or yellow or green, Jew or Gentile…we are all created in His image). Upon salvation, we are guaranteed abundant life – if we choose it. If we grab hold of this truth, we tuck it in our hearts, we believe in it, we trust in it, and if we meditate on it. Abundant life. We can live it. It is our God-given right as believers in the One True Son of God. He came, He did, and He fulfilled, so that we would be lacking nothing.

In the simplicity of the cross, I find profound meaning. I can’t fully grasp the life He came, He died, and He rose for me to have. But I know it is an abundant life. I know this because His word tells me so. And I BELIEVE it. Whole-heartedly believe it. He didn’t come for me to lay in a hospital bed for the rest of my days; He didn’t die so that I would remain lost, scared, and in fear; He didn’t rise so that I would be trapped in bondage, chained by my past, caged by ridicule and insufferable shame. He came, He died, and He rose to set me free from all of that and so much more. He may have found me in these places, but He never intends to leave me there. He came to give me life, and to give it in joyful abundance. He did this all for me. AND YOU!! If you were the only person, He would have done it all for you. Because of His great love.

The Lord loves me (and you too) way more than I can comprehend in my finite human brain. His love is way deeper and way wider than my mind can grasp. But my human intelligence and understanding, or lack there of, doesn’t change His purpose – to give you and I abundant life. There is power in reaching out and gripping this truth. When you can’t understand it, when you can’t fathom it, when you can’t see it, when it’s infallible, untouchable, seemingly unattainable, hold fast to this truth – He came, He died, He rose, to give YOU abundant life. He didn’t come to steal, to take anything away from you. He didn’t come to kill, to take your life and make it his own through bondage and rules and laws and captivity. He didn’t come to destroy you, tear you down and reduce you to nothing. If you feel those things happening, they are NOT of Him. He promised you abundant joyful overflowing life. Reach out and grab it.

As I typed this, I wondered how many people would read this, if anyone would. I didn’t come to bring any old message to an audience, I came to let the Holy Spirit flow through me. I believe someone is going to read this post and receive healing. Healing through His Word. Healing through His truth. Someone is going to reach out and take hold of the abundant life He promised you. Will that person be you? I pray it is. Lord, bless every reader of this message. Lord, fill them, overflow them with abundant life, give them hope in their hopelessness, give them strength in their weakness, give them freedom from their bondage, give them absolute healing in their sickness, give them love in their emptiness, give them understanding in their confusion, give them peace in their unrest, give them truth in their lies, give them abundant life Father. Overflowing life. Enjoyable life. God-given life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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