Jesus in the work place?

Christian Life

I asked myself this morning, would Jesus come to work here? I heard Him whisper, I already do. You see, I’m in a season of disliking my job, my employer, and everything about the place. It honestly most days seems like there is no good here. I’m here…so what does that say about me?!? I bring Jesus to work with me every single day, but do I share Him? Do I rely on Him to change the atmosphere? Do I trust that He has my place of employment in His hands? I feel like we, as a company, operate far away from His principles, His love, His grace. I feel we have removed Jesus from this place. I know there are people here, Christians, that pray for this place, the employees…but it’s hard to see God working here. I couldn’t imagine Jesus sitting in this place. The things He would hear or see. The things He would experience. The way people would talk about Him. It breaks my heart. But then I must face the truth, He is here. He comes every single day. He sits next to me, and others, as we go about our day. Oh the things He must see and hear. The things about us that He could testify to. Greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world. He isn’t the accuser. He is the Lover. He comes here day in and day out, and He loves each of us. When we act a fool, He shakes His head, but never points a finger. He is here. He is in our midst. So as we go about our day, remember Jesus as He sits next to you, me, and others. Before responding, or acting on something, or reacting to someone or something – look to Him first. Let Him be your Employer that guides you and directs you.